I've just complained to the FIA complaints@fia.gov.pk

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I've just complained to the FIA complaints@fia.gov.pk

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Dear sir

I am writing to complain about the blatant result fixing carried out by Mercedes AMG at this years Monaco Grand Prix

It is my belief that the team wanted to go down in the history books winning three back to back races with Nico Rosberg in Monaco.

What leads me to believe this is that Lewis Hamilton was brought in to the pits with less than a pit windows advantage over the driver in second place. He was comfortably in the lead, barring a breakdown or an accident, he was guaranteed the win.

We both know the outcome...

If the teams reasoning was that it was a mistake, surely they would have told Nico to go slow through Rascass allowing Hamilton to retain position and claim the one two

I believe they didn't do this, as Nico winning the race is exactly what they wanted.

They wanted Nico and the team to join the three back to back at wins exclusive club

A quick look at their Twitter will evidence that they are not sadly reflecting on a disastrous outcome, rather they are celebrating Nico's
Historic achievement.

This stinks, no one can be that stupid, it reflects badly on the sport. Many would say that they have brought the sport, not just F1, but the whole of Motorsport into disrepute,

If this was another sport, say football, there would be an investigation already underway.

I am absolutely disgusted with what I witnessed today!

I trust that this, and I imagine many other complaints will be taken seriously, and acted on accordingly.

Lewis Hamilton, Paul Di Resta and Jenson Button
Mark Webber

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Re: I've just complained to the FIA complaints@fia.gov.pk

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This topic is not suitable for this forum. Members posting threads that do not have deep mechanical/statistical discussion value or similar in here will find themselves on the receiving end of sanctions. And I don't think you want more of those after today's escapades.