Uppity trailer

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Uppity trailer

Post by shoot999 »

Released on Netflix, so pretty much available elsewhere as well.

Looks interesting and getting good reviews.

Charles LeBrad
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Re: Uppity trailer

Post by Charles LeBrad »

I watched it this week. Found it really interesting. Some good interviews with Bernie as well.

There are some points he makes that I would take with a grain of salt, such as his run in with Yates. But you have to realise he’s telling his truth, and with all the racist BS he was going through, it’s easy to see how he draws the conclusions he does.

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Re: Uppity trailer

Post by G926 »

I watched this over the weekend, thanks for the heads up shoot999

The guys got a bit of a chip on his shoulder to this day, but what a good driver he seemed to be (and I hadn't heard of him)

Great film and seeing footage of all the different race series around that time was great
I wonder how good this guy could have been had he gotten a fair shake at a good drive earlier in his career.

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