Top Three Championship 2018 is now open for entries!

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Top Three Championship 2018 is now open for entries!

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The Planet F1 Top Three Championship of 2018

Hey, everyone! Exediron here, curator of the plucky and well-loved CarlPotter's Top Three Championship 2018!

The Top Three Championship is now open for entries - you can check out the thread here:

For those who aren't familiar with the competition, the Top Three Championship is based around the premise of correctly predicting the three drivers who will stand on the podium at a given GP, in their correct place. No points are given out for being close: you must exactly predict a driver in their correct place to get points, and to get the coveted full score for a GP you must predict all three drivers precisely in their correct places. Many entrants consider this the most difficult of competitions to get right, and for good reason!

The other element that distinguishes the Top Three Championship from the other F1 competitions is the element of teams: just like the real F1 championship, the Top Three features an Individuals Championship and a Teams Championship: entrants are free to form teams by agreement with any other entrants, and mid-season switches have sometimes led to silly season-like scenarios towards the thick of the championship.

It's a great time, so get your name involved today and start finding yourself a likely teammate! :thumbup: :]
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