A scam perhaps?

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A scam perhaps?

Post by painless »

e-mail offer turned up in my Spam today.
General admin. tickets for 2018 Canadian GP Sunday for under twenty bucks
Did not copy link here in case it is not legit.
Apparently only available this Friday

-Seems a little odd

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Re: A scam perhaps?

Post by Flash2k11 »

Seems a bit too good to be true. What details is it asking for?
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Re: A scam perhaps?

Post by Exediron »

I'd be pretty suspicious of that. I don't even think legit Canadian GP tickets have gone on sale yet, so why only this Friday?

~95% chance it's a scam.
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Re: A scam perhaps?

Post by Blinky McSquinty »

The best way is to check the URL of the return email. If it does not lead directly back to a legitimate, trustworthy, and established source, it's a scam.
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Re: A scam perhaps?

Post by moby »

99.99% a scam. If it sounds too good etc... but do you want to bet $20? :D

You can call 1-888-495-8501 to talk to RCMP fraud dept if you are in Canada. (according to google anyway)

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