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Hey all,

I know what you might be thinking, another forecasting thread (apologies if this site has already been discussed!!), however this site that I have used for a few years now offers a fair good few prizes, these include,

The winner of F1-Forecast 2012 will receive a 3-day ticket for a GP in Silver Grandstand (US$500). The second will receive a 3-day ticket for a GP in Bronze Grandstand (US$300). Both will be able to choose among all the GP of the calendar of the F1 season 2013.
The top 10 players of the General Ranking will share prizes. Thus, in addition to the first two who win 3-day tickets to attend a GP of the 2013 F1 Season, the following eight will be offered gifts in connection with F1 : watches, jackets, models, polo shirts, T-shirts, books, lithographies, DVD, Blu Ray ...

Head along to http://www.f1-forecast.com/ and sign up, its totally free and if you are good at the predictions you may end up winning a prize!

Game runs like most other, pick who will qualify in the top 3 and who finishes in the top 10. Groups can also be set up here too, and there is a good chance some of you are already using this. If so give us a shout and we can set a group up.


PF1 Pick 10 Competition
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