McLaren Trophies

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McLaren Trophies

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I just read the Senna biography by Tom Rubython and it mentions Prost giving away the constructor's trophy at the 1989 Italian GP. I know that Mclaren strives to keep all of their trophies, but is this the only one missing from their collection? Also who is that guy meant to be in the Tooned cartoon who keeps stealing trophies? Fernando?

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Re: McLaren Trophies

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Some of Mika's got lost in a fire as well. They have all been replicated, as well as the Prost one. He gave it to Ron Dennis a couple years after the incident.

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Re: McLaren Trophies

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There are very rare instances where the driver keeps the original, Coulthard kept his 2nd place trophy from the Spanish GP after he was involved in the plane crash the week or so before. Pretty sure Lewis got to keep his trophy from Canada 2007.

I'm sure there are a couple of others too.


Re: McLaren Trophies

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Prosts 1989 trophy was thrown into the crowd and destroyed.

Interested to who the guy stealing the trophies in tooned is meant to be?

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Re: McLaren Trophies

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Shows how little attention I paid to the tooned episodes as I didn't even notice anyone stealing any trophies.
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