2018 AutoSport GP Predictor
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Author:  Mayhem [ Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Brazil update

Source ... 0_q100.jpg

Sau Paulo Brazil home of the notorious Interlagos circuit. A small track that packs a serious punch. Would ferrari be able to make any impact here or would Mercedes wrap up yet another championship??

Heading up to qualifying the top 3 teams all took turns topping different sessions of free practice. All teams looked to have similar race pace and the fight for the win looked to be a close one.

In qualifying though, it looked to be a 2 team race for pole as Vettel and Hamilton were fighting for the top. Some interesting tire choices from Ferrari would raise some eye brows at the Mercedes camp. In the end it was Lewis Hamilton who dig deep and pulled together a stellar lap to claim pole.

On race day it was Mercedes, Ferrari, Mercedes, Ferrari yet again with Redbull a distant 5th but it didn’t take long for Redbull to get into the fight as their superior aero proved once again it can make up for the power shortage. Max Verstappen quickly found himself chasing down the newly crowned champ as his race pace began to take form. With Hamilton up front beginning to struggle for grip max just took his time and reeled him in. Max now with a firm grip on the win pulling away from Lewis with every lap. Soon found himself facing the wrong way on lap 44 (<-coincidence) when he collided with Esteban Ocon allowing Hamilton to regain the lead and take it all the way home with Verstappen on his heels. What a race..

- Will ferrari end on a high note?
- Can Bottas win 1 ??
- Max & ocon round 2 ???


Congradulations to BancieriF1 aka Bancieri for winning the Brazilian GP. :thumbup:

Brazil results as follows

🥇° BancieriF1 63 🏆
🥈° Strange Thingys GP 61
🥉° Ernie_f1 57
Best of the rest

4° Suit Up Racing 54
5° No Limit Excedrin Racing 53
6° Harestock F1 52
7° top banana racing 52
9° How F1 48
10° Buzzin Hornets 47
11° KimiforWDC 44
12° Herb GP 34
13° UltimoF1 32
14° Project Mayhem 29
15° Bernie Sanders Racing 28
16° CrzyFast 27
17° Laz_T800 26
18° AJ Racing 24
19° PredictablyPoor 24
20° Team Mittpond 20
21° Jenson's Understeer 17

Author:  Mayhem [ Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Meeeeaaaaaan while back on our leader board BancieriF1 has put their foot down and have extended the lead over the current champ. With one hand firmly on the championship BancieriF1 is pulling out all the stops. Further back biggest mover this round was Strange Thingys gaining (+4) followed by buzzing Hornets (+2). It’s all or nothing!! Who will enjoy the Champagne shower????


Overall standings

🥇° BancieriF1 922 👑 (—)
🥈° No Limit Excedrin Racing 874 (—)
🥉° top banana racing 870 (—)
Best of the rest

4° UltimoF1 841 (—)
5° Harestock F1 824 (—)
6° Ernie_f1 802 (+1)
7° Strange Thingys GP 791 (+4)
8° How F1 788 (—)
9° Bernie Sanders Racing 779 (-3)
10° Buzzin Hornets 771 (+2)
11° Project Mayhem 767 (-2)

12° PredictablyPoor 760 (-2)
13° KimiforWDC 748 (—)
14° Suit Up Racing 730 (—)
15° KC GRAND PRIX 681 (—)
16° Laz_T800 634 (—)
17° Herb GP 629 (—)
18° AJ Racing 620 (—)
19° CrzyFast 580 (—)
20° Jenson's Understeer 523 (—)
21° Team Mittpond 447 (—)

Ps, please DO NOT post any score spoilers until after I post final results for Abu Dhabi***

Author:  Exediron [ Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Well done to BancieriF1 - it's gonna be pretty tough to catch up with only one race remaining! I really need to hit a 170 score again like I did in Abu Dhabi last year...

Author:  Bancieri [ Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Exediron wrote:
Well done to BancieriF1 - it's gonna be pretty tough to catch up with only one race remaining! I really need to hit a 170 score again like I did in Abu Dhabi last year...

Not over yet, but thanks :thumbup:

Author:  Mayhem [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Abu Dhabi update

source ... 2016-c.png

The Abu Dhabi FINALE is finally here and what a historic year in F1 we have witnessed with not one but two 4x champions battling it out for a 5th title. After an excruciating 21 race calendar both championships have already been clinched before the final race, so now it’s all about bragging rights, who will be victorious??

In practice Redbull topped the charts early on. The Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas then topped fp2 by a hair over Max Verstappen but in fp3 it was Hamilton who topped the charts ahead of the iceman Kimi Raikkonen.

Heading into qualifying all eyes were on Lewis Hamilton who didn’t seem to comfortable with his car and wasnt happy with the car it seemed at times. On the other hand Sebastian Vettel was moving along quite nicely setting a solid time of 1:35.125 but was then was shown some break neck speed by Lewis Hamilton who set a blistering 1:34.794 taking all the wind out of the Ferrari sail once again.

At lights out we had yet another Mercedes front row lock out with both Ferrari and Redbull side by side. After a very strange collision between Hulkenberg and Grosjean which saw the hulk retire. Upfront Hamilton lead the way but pitted surprisingly early during vsc handing the lead over to his teammate Valtteri Bottas. After the front runners pitted the smiling assassin Daniel Riccardo was pounding out some good laps on a long stint of the ultra soft tires on his final farewell to Redbull racing. As the racing continued it became a race of attrition as one by one we saw Räikkönen, Ericsson, ocon and Gasly’s engines all go bang with multiple failures across the board leaving us to wonder who’s next????

In the final stint of the race we saw bottas struggle with grip allowing vettel to snatch 2nd followed by an aggressive dash on the inside by mad max for 3rd as bottas stumbled down the order. Hamilton up front nursing some very old tires held off the chasing pack and wins the final GP of the season.

With the last race of the season you guys didn’t disappoint with the highest top 4 scores in 1 round being posted!!!!!

Congratulations to Ernie_f1 aka F1_Ernie for winning the Abu Dhabi GP :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Race results as follows

🥇° Ernie_f1 170
🥈° Suit Up Racing 100
🥉° KimiforWDC 97
Best of the rest

4° Harestock F1 94
5° BancieriF1 59
6° Buzzin Hornets 52
7° top banana racing 48
8° CrzyFast 44
9° How F1 41
10° Strange Thingys GP 38
11° No Limit Excedrin Racing 37
13° Project Mayhem 33
14° AJ Racing 32
15° Herb GP 30
16° Laz_T800 27
17° UltimoF1 26
18° Bernie Sanders Racing 23
19° PredictablyPoor 23
20° Jenson's Understeer 15
21° Team Mittpond 10

Author:  Mayhem [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Meeeeaaaannn while back on our leader board ernie_f1 finish the season with a BANG nailing a solid 170pts catapulting their team to the top but would it be enough for the lead?? another great performance by suit up racing as well with a 100pt score and For the 2nd year in a row KimiforWDC has saved their best result for last with a final round score of 97pts would it put them on the podium yet again?? Well the results are in


[1st] BancieriF1 981👑
source ... trophy.jpg

[2nd] Ernie_f1 972
source ... design.jpg

[3rd] Harestock F1 & top banana racing 918
source ... hy-cup.jpg

Overall Standings
🥇° BancieriF1 981👑 (--)
🥈° Ernie_f1 972 (+6)
🥉° Harestock F1 (+2) & * top banana racing 918 (--)
best of the rest

4° No Limit Excedrin Racing 911 (-2)
5° UltimoF1 867 (-1)
6° KimiforWDC 845 (+7)
7° Suit Up Racing 830 (+7)
8° Strange Thingys GP 829 (-1)
9° How F1 829 (-1)
10° Buzzin Hornets 823 (--)
11° Bernie Sanders Racing 802 (-2)
12° Project Mayhem 800 (-1)
13° PredictablyPoor 783 (-1)
14° KC GRAND PRIX 718 (+1)
15° Laz_T800 661 (+1)
16° Herb GP 659 (+1)
17° AJ Racing 652(+1)
18° CrzyFast 624 (+1)
19° Jenson's Understeer 538 (+1)
20° team mittpond 457 (+1)

Congratulations to our award winners and Thank you all for playing :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Author:  Mayhem [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Final Podium stats

Aj Racing Aus)
Predictably Poor (Bah)
UltimoF1 (Chi)
Top banana racing (Aza)
Top banana racing (Spn)
Banceri F1 (Mon)
UltimoF1 (Can)
HowF1 (fra)
Ain’t racing (aus)
No limit excedrin (sil)
HowF1 (Ger)
Strangy things (Hun)
KimiforWDC (spa)
HowF1 (monza)
Harestock F1 (sing)
UltimoF1 (rus)
Ernie_f1 (jpn)
Buzzin Hornets (USA)
UltimoF1 (mex)
BancieriF1 (Brazil)
Ernie_f1 (Abu)

🥈2nd place 🥈
Suit up racing (Aus)
Kc Grand Prix (Bah)
Project Mayhem (Chi)
Buzzin Hornets (Aza)
Suit up racing & How F1 (Spn)
UltimoF1 (Mon)
KimiforWDC & project Mayhem (can)
Top banana racing (fra)
Suit up Racing & CrzyFast (aus)
Aj Racing (sil)
Herb GP (ger)
Bernie Sanders Racing (Hun)
Project mayhem (spa)
Top banana Racing & Buzzin Hornets(monza)
BancieriF1 (sing)
Buzzin Hornets (rus)
Top banana Racing (jpn)
Harestock f1 (USA)
PredictablyPoor (mex)
Strange thingy GP (Brazil)
Suit up Racing (Abu)

🥉3rd place 🥉
Bernie sanders racing & Herb GP (Aus)
Banceri F1 (Bah)
Banceri F1 (Aza)
How F1 (Chi)
BanceriF1 & Buzzin Hornets (Spn)
Bernie sanders racing (Mon)
Laz_t8000 (can)
Bernie Sanders Racing & strangy things (fra)
BanceriF1 (aus)
Laz_t800 (sil)
Strangy things (ger)
HowF1 (Hun)
BancieriF1, suit up Racing & no limit excediron (spa)
Strange thingys gp (monza)
Ernie_f1 (sing)
BancieriF1 (rus)
Strange thingy GP (jpn)
Jenson Understeer, top banana Racing, Ernie_f1 (USA)
No limit excedrin (mex)
Ernie_f1 (Brazil)
KimiforWDC (Abu)

Author:  Exediron [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Wow, way to go from Ernie_f1, almost stealing the title at the last second! Nice exciting finish to the season.

Congratulations to BancieriF1 as well. :thumbup:

Author:  Bancieri [ Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Jeepers that was close, awesome finish Ernie_f1!!

I would like to thank my wife for calling me a 'sad git' all season lol

Roll on next season ;-)

Author:  Mayhem [ Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 AutoSport GP Predictor

Entry for 2019 season NOW OPEN 8O


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