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Something going on at the top level

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:53 am
by Blinky McSquinty
In Monday a seismic shift was felt by most sim racers because out of the blue, ten members suddenly left Iberica Racing Team. Such big names as Nestor Garcia Jr., Aday Coba, and Pablo “Go Pro” Lopez just departed. Speculation has been rampant on why, and why all at once. One theory is the direction Iberica is going, moving away from Formula One towards endurance.

But the overriding theory, one I believe, is that they were poached. By whom? Here are two facts that IMO connect the dots. Iberica is arguably the biggest team in Spain, which is a powerhouse in sim racing. In November 2017 Fernando Alonso launched FA Racing G2 Logitech, venturing into the world of eSports.

Where else to begin looking for top caliber drivers than in Spain?