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I've Run The Numbers....

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:34 pm
by Schumaker, Seven
HAMILTON: 9th in Austin, 10th in Mexico and he is champion...
VETTEL: 3 wins and a 2nd and finishes of no better than 10th in one round, 11th in two, and 9th in one by his rival. He would be champion.
ROSBERG: Same as Vettel but sub "rivals" for "rival". Here.

In short, Hamilton is in the catbird seat...

Re: I've Run The Numbers....

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:39 pm
by POBRatings
Not disagreeing with your numbers, which are informative and based on the points system.

I am amazed that F1 with all those maths/science/statistical/strategist brains in the pitlane cannot come up with a more equitable points or scoring system.
F1 championships have on several occasions been won on points that were against the speeds/results on-track. The worst examples were Moss vs Hawthorn (wdc) in 1958, ,Prost vs Lauda (wdc) in 1984 and Mansell vs Prost (wdc) in 1986. Today's system is improved but still produces anomalies that give little indication of the closeness of the competition. Somehow I don't think Bernie or Jean will read this post :o