The new 'start' and the media...

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The new 'start' and the media...

Post by ALESI »

I'm just wondering how the new starts will play out on Sunday and how the media will portray it. I suspect that it won't be as dramatic as some are making it out, but if it is will we get the predictable knee jerk from the commentators or will they actually temper their 'enthusiasm' with some reality?

I've seen people on this forum bringing up Paletti's crash into the back of Pironi, but I can't really believe that were likely to see anything like that, not least because from what I remember Paletti wasn't looking where he was going. But in any case, stalling on the grid has never gone away...

So do we think the starts will be chaos, or will it be fairly hard to tell the difference?

And what of the press, will they be lauding the driver who makes a blinder or castigating the ones who drop the ball, even though from the sounds of it finding the bite point will be more luck than judgement?

And what of the teams, might they not have invested some time into making changes to the clutch system to make it easier for a driver?
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Re: The new 'start' and the media...

Post by flyboy10 »

That seems a bit harsh to say that Paletti wasn't looking where he was going. Pironi had stalled at the front of the grid and whilst some of the cars immediately behind him might have ben able to see that he was stalled and maybe even see his arm raised out of he cockpit, I think it would have been virtually impossible for someone at the back of the grid to have seen any of that before arriving at the back of Pironi's Ferrari at nearly 200mph. That aside, there were nothing like provisions they have in place now for the event of a car stalling on the grid. I think Charlie Whiting's job will be a little more interesting as he will need to be very alert to throwing the yellow lights if anyone raises their hand.

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