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Crypto Trading for the Uneducated

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 5:06 am
by Jezza13
So thought I'd start dabbling in a bit of crypto trading but, being only possessed with the most rudimentary grasp of the practice, i'm hoping there'd be a fellow forumer (is that a word?) or two who care to point me in the right direction as far as broadening my crypto horizons are concerned.

just looking for some sites that give good tips on how to trade, what to avoid, terminology so forth & so forth, & to do it using basic language. I don't do Social Media, so looking for anything on YT as well as reputable web sites & newsletters, subscriptions etc.

Already got a couple of accounts open & threw a little cash on 0x on Friday just for S&G's & it seems to be doing ok ATM. Also keeping an eye on another coin that, from what i've watched on YT, could do well if the USSEC decides to leave it alone.

So if there's any crypto moguls among our ranks who'd be kind enough to point a newbie in the right direction it'd be muchly appreciated.