If you feel ill......

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If you feel ill......

Post by Barkilphedro »

Then ffs DON'T go in to work!

My middle stepdaughter's fiancée works in sales for a well known car company beginning with M ;) . Just before this latest lockdown started, he was involved in a training session which in itself wasn't well run (lots of people in a small room with no ventilation).

The day after this session, one of the other participants came in to work and asked if he could go home at lunchtime as he didn't feel well. He then admitted that he'd felt "poorly" for a few days but had come in as "...he had lots of things to do"

The Sales Manager told him to go home immediately but the guy argued as it was only 10 o'clock and he had things he wanted to get finished. The SM then orders him off the site and told him to get a covid test. Which he did.

Surprise, surprise the covid test was positive and the NHS tracking app went wild. Consequence being that the whole sales dept and service dept (coz of my stepdaughter) were forced to self isolate and quite a few (said fiancée, but oddly not my stepdaughter) developed the virus. Luckily I wasn't one of them as I hadn't been round for a month. Other family, friends and associates were not so lucky, though non were hospitalised.

All because one guy felt that he was too important to stay away from work :evil:
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Re: If you feel ill......

Post by Siao7 »

Sorry to hear that. But yeah, you make a point, this pandemic has brought the absolute worst out of some people. Keep safe everyone, sounds like a cliché but it is absolutely true

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