[Merged] Hamilton apology / instagram deleted

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Re: [Merged] Hamilton apology / instagram deleted

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Siao7 wrote:Also, as a cyclist I can tell you that Shimano does (or did) a sandal with cleats for cycling. My mate had it during our summer European bike touring and it was apparently awesome to cycle with!
...I stand corrected!

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Re: [Merged] Hamilton apology / instagram deleted

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Tufty wrote:I don't think I've ever said this online before and I have no idea how it'll be received, but here goes. This may be oversharing but it's relevant to the discussion.

Someone above mentioned the problems some kids have fitting in. For that reason alone, for them to see as many people as possible embracing diversity is a good thing for them, and does little harm in the wider world. As a kid I was terrible at fitting in [probably still am, but I no longer care :P ] and I'm certain that my dad didn't help with that.

Growing up, and again it's still true today, I was a very effeminate boy. So naturally through my entire school life I was bullied. At this point, it's just one of those things and probably made me a better person today than had I been on the other side, but anyway. Amidst all this, I could be a little brat sometimes at home. One night my dad decided that I needed a more overt punishment [don't ask more overt than what, I honestly can't remember what else was tried, probably the usual smacks, groundings etc but I was only about 7] so we went out to a supermarket, me still trying not to cry if memory serves for whatever reaction I'd been faced with. My dad decided to pick out a Barbie dress and even went as far as to tell the girl on the checkout he was buying it for me as a punishment. I wish I could have seen her reaction, but at the time I was so embarrassed and upset I think I spent most of the time looking at the floor. Anyway, this dress sat in my wardrobe until my parents split up. My mum only found out about the dress when I was about 21, and she was furious, but looking back I doubt it helped me feel much better about fitting in with other kids.

Ironically now I can't remember more than twice in the last 6 years that I wore anything but a dress [or some variation, there was a tutu once] to formal events, and it's sort of become a thing I do now more than anything, it's expected and normally ends up drawing envy from some people about how good my legs look :lol:

I'm not saying that Hamilton's nephew is in the same boat as me, but identity, especially as a child, is a huge thing to try to understand and it doesn't need to be complicated by those closest to you. But we don't know the wider context of Hamilton's family dynamic, so it's impossible to judge there. Just some food for thought.
You used the buzz word: context.

Context is what social media has killed, ripped apart, and devoured. People who shout about whatever the lastest thing to offend them is never have the whole story, and they know this. However, they don’t care, because they see others getting offended about the most minute bullshit, which causes them to feel like their anger towards whatever minute bullshit they’re angry at is justified.
"No, there is no terrible way to win. There is only winning."
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