Lewis Hamilton 'dodged' VAT

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Re: Lewis Hamilton 'dodged' VAT

Post by f1madman »

LOL - why is this even?

If you save a few million £ why wouldn't you? My mum goes bonkers when she saves 20p on kitchen sponges. Its human nature to try and get a bargain, as if anyone would want to pay millions in tax if they could avoid. People pay taxes because they are legally obliged to, so likewise people will happily avoid paying taxes if they find out they will be legally allowed to.

Ofcourse because its Lewis or a controversial comedian or a singer they would like smear from somewhere the tabloids find a focal point to bitch on, its what they do.

Most of us in his position would do the same, dont think you're so different from Lewis Hamilton, we're all human.

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Re: Lewis Hamilton 'dodged' VAT

Post by moby »

'Lewis Hamilton' is not a person he is a company. He has 'people' to do stuff like this, its their job. If it was possible to get away without paying vat and the 'people' did not do it, they are not doing their jobs. He would not have tested the plane and written a cheque for it in the porta-cabin over a coffee, it would have been 2 teams of 'people' hammering out a deal.

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