Don't forget too...

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Don't forget too...

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Join the 2012 Fantasy F1 League before you forget @

Excerpt below:

"The Free Fantasy F1 League rules are simple; before midnight on the day before Formula 1 practice commences, predict a driver for each of the following positions:

Predict qualifying's Pole Position driver

(and receive 2 Fantasy F1 League points)

Predict the race day Podium Finishers (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

(and receive 3 Fantasy F1 League points for each correctly predicted driver)

Predict the race day First Retired driver

(and receive 1 Fantasy F1 League point)

At the end of each Formula 1 race your scores will be calculated for you and added to your season total, where you can rate how well you have done against our other competitors in the Global League, and also your friends in your very own private Friends League.

We know there are other, more complicated Fantasy F1 Leagues out there, that involve spending hours calculating budgets and guessing how many safety cars they'll be etc, so we've designed to be quick, simple, and most importantly FUN!

It doesn't matter whether you're a die hard Formula 1 veteran or know nothing about the sport at all, why not sign up for a laugh and see how you get on!

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