Great Laps-

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Great Laps-

Post by Schuttelberg »

I was on board the Nico Rosberg lap yesterday, in qualifying on full HD, with Karun Chandok doing commentary and I must say, that was as flawless a lap as I've seen, in my near two decades of watching. I've seen as good laps being done by other drivers, but this was right up there.

Fabulous lap, great way to end the duck.

Let's remind ourselves in this topic about more such laps done previously, if not via video evidence, at the least a mention of it.

Here goes:

Nico Rosberg
China, Shanghai 2012. (Q3)
Lap Time: 1:35:121

Here's another one of my favorites:

Felipe Massa
Singapore, Marina Bay 2008. (Q3)
Lap Time: 1:44:801

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Re: Great Laps-

Post by Sammydj »

Spot on lap! Well deserved pole.

Speaking of Massa, this is my fav lap he has ever done. Please ignore the video game on the right (can't find another version).
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Re: Great Laps-

Post by cmax »

pear-shaped pete
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Re: Great Laps-

Post by pear-shaped pete »

Well in my opinion Nico's lap was very good but I cant consider it great. Mercs were favourite for pole before anyone arrived in China. He delivered, eveyone else didn't in a variety of reasons or stories(inc. saving for race, etc)
sometimes its hard to judge great - Nico was certainly orthodox, beautiful clean lines and apexes. Yet over the last few years we've seen Hamilton and Vettel often look "ragged" - lock brake, miles wide of apex, bounce up high on kerb, etc - then to my surprise they take pole - they carry enormous speed - despite me deducting "style points" :lol:

As for Awesome Poles I would nominate
Webber - Malaysia 2010? - Webber only one on dries everyone else on intermediates - took top spot by 1.3 secs if I remember right. Gutsy call and great driving in very difficult conditions.

Vettel - I liked Melbourne 2011 - stunning oh and Monza 2011 was eye opener.

Hamilton has had a few too,

pear-shaped pete

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Re: Great Laps-

Post by Scorched Soul »

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Re: Great Laps-

Post by specdecible »

Mark Webber
Brazil, 2003

Barrichello, 2nd to last driver to do his lap managed to get pole ahead of David Coulthard. The crowd was going mental as it seemed the Brazilian had taken his first ever pole at his home race. Then Webber, the last driver to set a lap was not expected to challenge the top 10 (his team-mate was 17th) put up an amazing lap time, coming up to the finish line he crossed the line how did he do? well watch the video to find out.

Here is the whole qualifying which includes, Coulthard, Kimi, Barrcihello and Webber.
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Re: Great Laps-

Post by Sammydj »

One of Kimi's best performances ever. Sure the results aren't great but, what a lap.

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Re: Great Laps-

Post by RaisinChips »

Sammydj wrote:One of Kimi's best performances ever. Sure the results aren't great but, what a lap.

It's surprising that even in the not so old days like 2002 Kimi didn't get his quick lap removed for driving into the smoke at full throttle. Today a penalty would ensue.

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