Just read an interesting fact.

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Just read an interesting fact.

Post by Asphalt_World »

Ferrari's win today is the first F1 win for a car with front pull rods since Japan 89.
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Re: Just read an interesting fact.

Post by Teglen »

"Most striking however is Ferrari's front pull rod suspension, a feature not seen in F1 ever since the introduction of high noses. It was deemed more practical to have a pull rod, as this could run from high on the nose to low in the upright, creating a steep angle for which it was easier to setup the suspension. Ferrari though appears confident it can be done differently. With the main suspension arms slowing down at nearly 16°, the pull rod runs from the lowest edge of the nose to the uppermost end of the wheel's upright, creating a 10° angle for the pull rod. In essence, suspension travel will materialize by movement of the pull rod. Riding over a bump will pull the rod out of the chassis, something that is countered by the dampers and springs inside the car. Ferrari mainly hope that this will bring a performance advantage due to its lower centre of gravity, as the heaviest suspension components can now be placed low in the hub…."

Would it be impolite of me to yawn at this juncture?
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Re: Just read an interesting fact.

Post by mac_d »

Cool fact, though I don't really get the difference, and the above explanation made me go "eh, uh?".

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Re: Just read an interesting fact.

Post by Alienturnedhuman »

Given than Japan 1989 makes Spa 2008 look completely uncontroversial, neither result was reflective of form so this stat only serves to show pull rod front suspension to be an ineffective suspension solution.

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