Monaco Classic GP

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Monaco Classic GP

Post by tim3003 »

Did anyone see the highlights of the recent Monaco meeting for historic cars this weekend? Some great oldies although the entry list was down apparently due to the pandemic hangover. Patrese was there and Hulkenburg. Great to see Arnoux (72!) and Alesi drive Ferrari 312B. Alesi raced it in and led the 72-76 class but was punted out by a Lotus 77. A shame that in almost every class only 2 or 3 drivers were competitive, the others a lap or more down after 10 laps. Hopefully the standard will improve next year.

The number of shunts in the classes for more recent machinery showed how hard the cars are to drive - even 500bhp around Monaco is a handful for merely-human drivers ! And no post-1980 cars. Maybe they'd be just too risky!
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Re: Monaco Classic GP

Post by Asphalt_World »

I saw a lot of it. Simply fantastic and as you say, they really show how hard a driver has to work in cars with significantly less grip, manual gearboxes, manual clutch etc. Simply astonishing onboard camera footage.
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Re: Monaco Classic GP

Post by Mayhem »

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Re: Monaco Classic GP

Post by tootsie323 »

Just imagine those 80s turbo cars. That must have been like riding a bull in a china shop the size of a telephone box!
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