FIA produces 100% bio fuel.

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FIA produces 100% bio fuel.

Post by Asphalt_World »

It's an interesting read and could lead to F1 staying noisier than FE, in the years to come!
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Re: FIA produces 100% bio fuel.

Post by Badgeronimous »

I welcome this news, realistically something like this is what is going to be required for motorsport and heavier transportation - as electric will not do for these applications (at least with the current development path).

As said before, no matter how far we develop current tech, FE as it is will never be able to replace F1 and keep up current speeds. The issue isn't whether an electric motor is better than an ICE (it most definitely is) - the issue is storing the energy required to power the cars.

The current development path will be fine and usable for road cars, I'm even considering an EV for my next road car - but it is physically impossible to get the current path of development small enough to deliver usable 500bhp for a usable duration and weigh something that is feasible for a top level racing car - or indeed a lorry towing 30 tonnes of cargo, etc (which might well need 5 or 6 tonnes of batteries to be able to drive for 5-6hrs)

Perhaps future tech (hydrogen cells or the likes) will solve this issue.

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Re: FIA produces 100% bio fuel.

Post by Rotax Max 125 »

Yes, this is really good news. It's essential formula one keeps developing for a better future.

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Re: FIA produces 100% bio fuel.

Post by j man »

This is great to see. In the discussion around future technologies to replace fossil fuels, biofuel does not get enough attention in my opinion. It has far superior energy density to batteries, it can be sustainably sourced (doesn't necessarily require dedicated crops to be grown in place of food crops, a common misconception) and most importantly it works with existing technology and infrastructure. Good to see F1 leading the way here, and it could drive real change to the wider automotive industry.

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