Planet-F1 Forum Rules (updated June 28th, 2020)

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Planet-F1 Forum Rules (updated June 28th, 2020)

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Planet F1 Forum Rules and Guidelines

Greetings, and welcome to the Planet-F1 forum.

Before signing up, it is important to familiarise yourself with the forum rules below. Once you have signed up, your first posts will require moderator approval, to ensure your account is legitimate and not a spambot. If you are still requiring post approval after making your first post, please post a reply in this thread requesting the post approval to be lifted and a moderator will deal with it as soon as they can. Please be aware that you must email to get your account activated.

Also, once you have signed up, you may want to introduce yourself in the New Member Introduction thread.

The following is a list of rules that, as an account holder on the forum, you are expected to adhere to at all times.

Latest updates to the rules are highlighted like this

1. General Rules
  • Offensive Posting: Members of this forum are prohibited from posting anything that be found to be patently offensive in nature. This includes, but is not limited to any kind of racism, predjudice based on religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability, nationality or gender. Sexually explicit comments are also prohibited, as is the posting of any pornographic, violent or other NSFW material.
  • Trolling: Posting on the forum to deliberately incite or provoke people is not allowed. While we do not ban posting an opinion, no matter how controversial (so long as it is doesn't break any other forum rules), posting something simply to antagonise or stir up other people will not be tolerated. For this reason, while you are free to criticise drivers, team principals, pundits etc... simply calling them names or labelling them with an insulting term is not permitted.
  • Images: All images posted need a link to the source of the image placed underneath them in the post. Any images posted without a source will be removed. In most cases, posting 'GIF reactions' or memes are prohibited - see the etiquette section below for more details.
  • Abusive Posting: Members of this forum are prohibited from posting anything that could be deemed to be directly abusive to any other member of the forum, or member of the public - famous or otherwise. This includes any kind of harrassment, stalking or otherwise continually attempting to create a hostile environment for any other member of the forum.
  • The Moderators: The moderation team are all volunteer members of the community, doing it in their free time. Therefore abusing any of the moderation staff is strictly not tolerated. Wasting their time by repeatedly reporting posts that clearly do not break the rules will also be dealt with harshly. If you disagree with a decision made by a moderator, do not respond in the thread - instead bring it up in the Feedback Thread.
  • Swearing: Members of this forum should refrain from using bad language on the forum. There is a built in swear word filter, that automatically changes most swear words into less harmful (and occasionally nonsensical) alternatives. Attempts to circumvent this filter will always be removed and generally result in further moderation.
  • Advertising: Accounts created solely to advertise services/other websites on this forum will be terminated immediately. If you are an active member of the forum, and wish to advertise any of your own content, a link in your signature should suffice. If you feel the need to create a dedicated topic for any content that you are trying to advertise, please attempt to contact one of the forum moderators first, so that we can gauge whether or not we would deem it acceptable.
  • Illegal Activities: Anybody posting, illiciting, or encouraging people to post anything that would break any laws in any country is prohibited. This includes the posting, or asking for links to illegal streams of any content, or providing people with advice or the means to view such content. Anyone found breaking this rule will find themselves subject to the harshest punishment. Posting anything potentially libelous also falls under this rule, and attempting to hide anything of this kind behind the banner of 'fan fiction' to create ambiguity is also not allowed.
  • Multiple Accounts: Creating or attempting to use multiple accounts on the forum is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be engaging in the use of multiple accounts is likely to have all of their accounts permanently banned.
  • Age of Registration: Members have to be at least 16 years of age to register an account on these forums. Anyone found to be underage will have their account banned.
2. General Ettiquette

The following sections are not strict rules, but rather guidelines for positive posting habits.
  • When starting a new thread, or adding new factual or rumoured information to a thread, we strongly encourage your to cite a credible source. While this is not a mandatory requirement, it is good practice and will help lend credibility to your post. Remember, not everyone follows the name news sources as you do.
  • Threads with clickbaity thread titles that have little or no value are likely to get locked or have their thread titles changed.
  • Use of term 'Official' in thread titles:
  • Each race weekend will have two official threads "[YEAR] [NAME] Free Practice & Qualifying Thread" and a "[YEAR] [NAME] Race Thread"
  • Breaking news threads should not be described as 'Official' unless press releases from teams and/or drivers have actually confirmed the news.
  • Drivers and Teams have official threads.
  • There are also Official Threads for various topics
    A list of most of the official threads for drivers and topics can be found here:

    If you create an official thread for a driver/ team / topic not in the official officials thread, PM a Mod and they can add it to the list.
  • Remember that as a text based form of communication it is not possible to judge tone. Also, this forum has people from all over the world, many of whom English is not their first language. Keep it in mind both when phrasing your responses but also reading what others have written. It's possible that sentence you read that outraged you was meant in a completely different way.
  • GIF or Meme responses are generally not appropriate, as this is a discussion forum rather than a chat room, and inappropriate usage will be removed by the moderators, and warnings given if the usage contravenes additional rules. Use your judgement - we don't want to discourage people having fun, so if the post is a well timed joke and meant SOLELY in good humour, then it's probably ok, but if it has any intention of trying to provoke someone or get under their skin, then we will not hesitate to remove it. Not to mention, that a GIFs add sizeable data to people's bandwidth.
  • If a topic already exists that covers an issue that you are wanting to start a new topic for, its good practice to utilise the topic that already exists. Repeatedly creating new topics when others already exist that deal with the same subject is likely to land you in hot water with the moderation team
  • If a topic has been locked/deleted by the moderation team, it will be because it has been deemed to have broken the forum rules. Attempting to repost the same topic after it has already been dealt with will be viewed in a very dim light, please don't do it.
  • Making a new topic to query/complain about a different one being locked/deleted is prohibited. Any complaints/queries should be directed to the feedback topic, which can be viewed by clicking this link:
  • If you feel the a post on the forum has broken any rules, please report it immediately. It's also good practice not to quote any potentially offending posts whilst replying to them, because this increases the workload for the moderators exponentially as more and more people quote the offending post.
  • It's good practice to keep an eye on your Personal Message Inbox. Moderators will message you from time to time, and when they do the message tends to be important.
2.1. Starting a new thread

The following is a list of guidelines regarding the starting of new threads:
  • When starting a new thread it is important to check that an existing thread does not exist on the matter. It is expected that you will at the very least check the first two pages of the forum to make sure an obvious example of your subject matter does not exist. There is also a search function that you can use for more general subject matters.
  • Threads that duplicate a subject matter will be closed or merged with the original
  • New Threads should make a worthwhile contribution to the forum. In most cases, we will accept nearly all threads (provided they are are on topic for the section of the forum that they are in) - however reactionary threads are discouraged an liable to be closed. These are threads that are either a strong reaction to an incident or are designed to provoke people on a particular incident. This is not to say you cannot post on controversial subject matters (in fact, we encourage this, controversy often creates the best discussion) but just make sure that the purpose is to provoke discussion, not to provoke other forum members.
  • The poster who starts a thread is referred to as the "OP" (Original Poster) - in most instances being the OP entitles no additional benefits with regards to the discussion - however the mods may request their insight on clarifying the objective of a thread when it comes to whether the discussion is off topic or not. However, the moderators decision will always be final.
  • OPs have the right to request a thread be closed, however this will not automatically result in a thread being closed. If a thread has run its course, or deviated from the original subject matter the thread may be closed. However, threads that have a healthy, on topic discussion are unlikely to be closed.
  • OPs do not own the topics or threads they start, and other than what is mentioned above, makes no difference to the user's status in a thread. They are required to adhere by the same rules as everyone else participating in the discussion.

2.2. Thread specific rules

Some threads may carry specific rules, these will usually be found in the first post in the thread (usually if the thread was started by a moderator)

In some circumstances, the moderation team may impose stricter rules on threads retrospectively by adding a post explaining them. Anything posted after that post must adhere to the stricter rules. The posts will have the font styled in bright red and bold to draw attention to them.

These will be reserved for posts covering more sensitive topics and will mandate some of the guidelines covered in the General Ettiquette section of the rules.

3. Miscellaneous Rules
  • As a hard rule, posting either of 'those' photos of Flavio Briatore or Christian Horner will result in a straight ban. We've all seen them once, we don't need to see them again.
  • While we strongly encourage the citation of sources from the internet, some websites are not permitted as sources due to their lack of credibility or copyright violations. The websites currently prohibited are:
  • Top Gear, and anything related to the BBC show is not considered a motorsport related topic, and thus, any topics about Top Gear should be made in the Off Topic section of the forum.

4. During the Race Itself
  • During the time of the broadcast of any of the races (this is typically counted from 2 hours before lights out, to 2 hours after the chequered flag) any and all rule violations, regardless of how small, will result in a straight 6 hour suspension from the forum to allow us to review the incident later, after the post race coverage has finished. This will not be counted as a ban on your record, unless further action is taken later. The moderation staff here are volunteers, and are first and foremost F1 fans themselves, and would like to watch the race without having to deal with the distraction of any trouble on the forum.
5. Punishments for Rule Breaking

The punishments for breaking the rules on this forum include, but are not restricted to:
  • Informal Warning: Usually by PM, generally a quick reminder of the rules that isn't recorded against your name
  • Formal Warning: Usually by PM, an official warning for breaking the rules. These are recorded against your name, and multiple warnings can mean further sanctions on your account
  • Timed Ban: Starting at 6 hours, for up to a week. These are also recorded against your name, and multiple timed bans will almost certainly result in further sanctions on your account
  • Permanent Ban: For the most serious of transgressions. Permanent also means permanent.
If you wish to further discuss any ban, you must email P-F1 Mod at

6 - Moderator Contact List

Here is a list of the current PF1 Mods.

Please feel free to contact us via PM [link provided] to further assist you with any forum inquiries.

* P-F1 Mod (Head Mod) ... ose&u=8988

- Mod Aqua ... e&u=139200

- Mod Yellow ... e&u=316535

- Mod Blue ... e&u=316602

- Mod Onyx ... e&u=316679

- Mod Titanium ... e&u=316969

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Re: 2018 Planet-F1 Forum Rules (enacted May 1st)

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Updated to include guidelines on posting GIFs and Memes.

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Re: Planet-F1 Forum Rules (updated Nov 24th, 2018)

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Updated to add subsection on starting a new thread

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Re: Planet-F1 Forum Rules (updated June 10th, 2019)

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Updated to add subsection covering Thread Specific Rules.

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