Indianapolis GP and sponsors

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Indianapolis GP and sponsors

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One thing I used to notice and always thought strange was at the US gp from 2000-2006 okay all the tabacco sponsors were changed to the alternates (Renault had team spirit, bar had a blank red spot, Jordan buzzing hornets and stuff) but Mclaren kept WEST on their cars, seems odd to only allow one brand to continue sponsoring, I'm sure they could argue maybe West wasn't sold in the states but even then its still tobacco it just seemed rather unusual

Any thoughts to why?

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Re: Indianapolis GP and sponsors

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I believe that the tobacco brand could could only sponsor 1 team in america. So the west branding on the mclaren was the only team that was sponsored in america. Whereas Marlboro. Could not be visible on the ferrari because Marlboro was branded on the Penske cars in the indycar championship.

It was as simple or as complicated as that.

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