Inconsistent Penalties this year.

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Re: Inconsistent Penalties this year.

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when have penalties been consistent in f1 ? less penalties the better, far as i'm concerned

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Re: Inconsistent Penalties this year.

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I didn’t think the stewarding last year was particularly great either, but now I just have the feeling that it isn’t so much about whether any rules are broken but what happens after an incident. If one car retires, the other driver involved in the incident automatically seems to get a 5 second penalty.

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Re: Inconsistent Penalties this year.

Post by wire2004 »

When I started this thread. I got a bit nostalgic. Going back to the late 90s and early 2000s and the penalties we had.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s. You knew if you jumped the start. Irrespective of any computer. Basically what bottas did in hungary. You knew you were getting a 10 second stop go penalty.

You knew if you sped in the pit lane. You were getting a 10 second stop go penalty.

You knew if you did something dangerous in the eyes of the fia. (Michael Schumacher to frentzen in canada 1998.) You were getting a 10 second stop go penalty.

You knew after 1997. If you do what Schumacher did. You were getting disqualified from the championship

The fia backed themselves into a corner after 1989. Prost did what schumacher did 8 years later. But in 1989. It was accepted. Which led to 1990 happening.
Sennas death in 1994 brought about a change in attitude towards safety. Which Is what led to schumacher to be disqualified in 1997 for unsportsman conduct. Adelaide 1994 is a different matter all together. And views differ significantly and my view will differ to someone else. But that is irrelevant to this part of the discussion.

Basically. You knew if you screwed up in some way. You were gonna get a 10 second stop go penalty. And if you ignored it. You were getting disqualified from the grand prix and most likely getting a 1 - 3 race ban as well. There were alot less penalties handed out in the 90s and early 2000s because the drivers knew. It was 30 seconds. And that would be on track as well and knew they would probably lose 2-5 positions and that would mean lost points in the championship. Or in some cases no points at all.
But Then the fia went soft. And started bringing in degrees of severity. Like drive thru penalties. Which has evolved into what we see today with time penalties for the severity of the incident.

So what has happened since the fia has gone soft on penalties. Drivers and teams pushing there luck. And drivers moaning over the radio over the smallest indiscretion in the hope that the driver gets a penalty. And a total disregard for flags. (Rosberg in hungary 2015 I believe it was comes to mind)

When you had a yellow flag in the 90s. They were severely punished for indiscretions. Take villeneuve in 1997. He made the mistake and drove at a excessive speed through yellow flags at 2 grand prix. The 2nd of which was in free practice for the 97 japaneese grand prix. He drove under protest in that grand prix. But when Williams dropped the appeal as he only finnished 5th. Villeneuve was effectively disqualified from the japaneese grand prix before qualifying.

And whether you agree or not about Schumacher's punishment as a result of the british grand prix controversy of 1994. He served a 2 race ban and a disqualification from the British grand prix as a result.

The point I'm making is that formula 1 has become too inconsistent with its penalties and the serverity of its penalties for too long and we now have a set of drivers who wish to push there luck to sometimes the extream to get away with things that in 2020 they would get away with. But 20 years ago. Would of been a 10 second stop go penalties with no questions asked

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