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Engine components.

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:00 pm
by wire2004
We have a unknown amount of races. And the fia have not clarified the rules for the engine components

To make it easier. I will just mention the internal combustion engine and 1 of the 5 components to make things easier. So Is it still 4 ICE for the season? But that was based on a 22 race calendar? Or Does it go back to 3 (or even 2 ICE) because we only have 8 confirmed. (9 with mugello expected to be confirmed) but then we are rumored to be haveing 15 races with China. 2 Bahrain and 2 Abu Dhabi. And 1 more in europe.

Surely we all need to know the season. The rules. Before someone gets a surprising penalty for taking extra components.