Ferrari to evaluate F1 future

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Re: Ferrari to evaluate F1 future

Post by SteveW »

Siao7 wrote:
SteveW wrote:Williams won in 1997, they've never had a massive budget have they?

I wonder what Ferrari or McLaren's budget was in the same year. I'd wager it was higher than the Williams budget.....
Yes, it is almost like saying you can buy an F1 team for £1; it did happen after all! (ok, veeeeeeeeery exaggerated example here!)
Indeed, you can win a World Championship with a £1 F1 team :lol:

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Re: Ferrari to evaluate F1 future

Post by Asphalt_World »

Siao7 wrote:
Asphalt_World wrote:I'm not getting defensive. Blimey!

I was pointing out that neither he nor I are taking his comment as absolute, but more an interesting view.
I thought that opening a post with "I am not saying that" is kind of defensive. Apologies, I took your post the wrong way.
Well, only in a slight way, not because I was in anyway annoyed or upset about anything.

All good :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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