Leclerc extends Ferrari deal (2024)

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Re: Leclerc extends Ferrari deal (2024)

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Blake wrote:
pokerman wrote:
Blake wrote:
pokerman wrote: For Leclerc do you think that he easily walks into either the Mercedes or Red Bull teams?
Yes, unless an existing driver on one of those teams were to block him. Two reasons: 1) to get a driver with promise, 2) to get him out of the Ferrari.
I don't understand why you think that it might be as defining as another driver blocking him, it's often the teams that decide such things. When Hamilton wanted out at McLaren he found the doors firmly shut at both Ferrari and Red Bull with both teams using words like not wanting 2 roosters in the same hen house, how did that work out for Ferrari last year?

Drivers can't necessarily just walk into any team they might desire no matter who they are.
I am so sorry I even responded to your question. It isn't worth it. I merely expressed my thoughts.
Well the question wasn't being put to you in the first place but it's an open forum were people can express their views.
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