Last 13 Laps At Austin

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Battle Far
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Last 13 Laps At Austin

Post by Battle Far »

Here are the last 13 lap times from Austin for some of the top 10, cumulatively

Le Clerc was 5s faster than anyone, given he had Softs, not surprising

Verstappen, Bottas & Norris were very close - says something about Mclaren's competitiveness

Hamilton's tyres, though tired (sic), were not that bad as he only lost an average of 0.6s per lap


FIA lap analysis document can be found here

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Re: Last 13 Laps At Austin

Post by FormulaFun »

Norris was also on new softs

F1 Racer
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Re: Last 13 Laps At Austin

Post by F1 Racer »

FormulaFun wrote:Norris was also on new softs
Lol, nothing to see here and a complete waste of a thread.

McLaren are not competitive at all and get lapped at a lot of races. They are only really doing better compared to recent years where they were shocking; they are still bad in an absolute sense even with this year's improvements.

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Re: Last 13 Laps At Austin

Post by Mercedes-Benz »

Norris same time as Bottas in last 13 laps but he finished 1.5min or 90secs behind him. This shows tyres make a big difference.
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