2019 Japanese Grand Prix Race Thread

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Re: 2019 Japanese Grand Prix Race Thread

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Covalent wrote:
pokerman wrote:
Covalent wrote: Ok I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, even after you provided "proof" that Bottas did a rolling start (which he didn't, it turned out).
Well Bottas was clearly moving before the cars around him, his reaction time to the lights was not humanely possible and I did show evidence that Bottas' car was moving before the lights went out in Austria 2017, this highlights the inadequacies of the system. Like I've said in other sports human reaction time is also taken into account so that competitors can't merely get lucky by gambling on the start.

I'm pretty sure that the rules as written state that cars can't roll forward or move when the starting procedure has commenced but this now seemingly has given way to the sensor that as far as I can see doesn't police the rules as originally written.
Yes but it wasn't a rolling start as you claimed. And I'm starting to suspect we'll never see the "evidence" you claim to exist about Vettel too doing a rolling start.
It's here don't know why I thought I couldn't do it?

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