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PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:42 am 

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sandman1347 wrote:
ReservoirDog wrote:
sandman1347 wrote:
This post is not exactly related to BoP but more of an overtaking thing. One thing that I've often thought is that they are regulating the wrong things. Essentially they have determined why it is so difficult to follow another car (the dirty air that comes off the back of the car). The crackdown on front wing design for this year was intended to dramatically reduce that. Of course the problem is that F1 engineers are really smart and so they have used the bargeboards and other areas to create that outwash that they used to create with the front wing.

I often find myself asking; why don't they regulate outwash itself? I mean literally why not have an FIA wind tunnel and regulations that all cars must produce clean air off of their rear? A little more on the nose, don't you think. Instead of trying to outsmart a bunch of people who you will never outsmart; why not give them no way out?

The air will always be turbulent behind the air, how do you define the level of turbulence in a black and white way?

It's more about defining what is not allowed; like creating a certain level of outwash. I think it's doable with a bit of brain power. This way; whatever the engineers come up with; it won't lead to it being harder to follow the car in front (like pretty much everything they come up with now).

It's easier said than done though. Outwash and turbulence are not things that can be easily defined and measured. The only way I can think of is to restrict the overall drag coefficient of the car, I don't know how successful this would be though.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:48 pm 
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Siao7 wrote:
mikeyg123 wrote:
F1 Racer wrote:
Why did Honda and Toyota do so badly when they were serious manufacturer teams? Was it just a logistical thing being based in Japan?

This 'manufacturers are guaranteed to beat the other teams' idea seems to have been a relatively recent notion, albeit I do worry that it is still true nowadays even if it didn't used to be, (i.e. look at Ferrari between 1980 and 1996).

Honda didn't do too badly to be fair. They built a car capable of dominating for 2009. and before 2007 they looked OK as well.

Even Toyota had their moments. Both competed at a time when there were 8 or so teams aiming to win races and they can't all succeed in that all the time.

Toyota had an enormous budget, their own private track, good solid drivers like Trulli and Ralf. It was a fairy tale, that somehow didn't work out. They pulled out after they got hit by the financial crisis in 2009, otherwise they'd still be there. They never managed a win, but had some 2nd and 3rd places pretty much on merit. I do remember them being dragged into a scandal when one year their cars were strikingly similar to the Ferraris, but I don't remember the outcome

Indeed, Toyota's budget was massive. I can't remember which year it was, but I saw one article that showed Ferrari with the FIFTH largest budget behind Toyota and others.
Note: back then Ferrari data seemed to be getting "distibuted" generously around the McLaren and Toyota.

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