Well Done Mercedes and LH

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Well Done Mercedes and LH

Post by sidders »

After his victory yesterday Lewis dedicated the win to a young boy called Harry who tragically has terminal cancer and not long to live.

Harry had been posting videos on Instagram wishing Lewis luck and Lewis and Mercedes have been responding and what they have done today has been brilliant and hopefully bring a little bit of happiness to his last few days

Thoughts with you Harry


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Re: Well Done Mercedes and LH

Post by Alienturnedhuman »

I know that often things like this attract of a negative cynicism, along the lines of "they are only doing it for the PR" - but I think that in this case it's an entirely genuine gesture. It came almost from nowhere when Hamilton mentioned it in his interview, and whatever else people want to think, having an F1 car taken to his home will have given a moment of joy for a terminally ill child.

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Re: Well Done Mercedes and LH

Post by stevey »

Well done that team.

I do love when F1, not just ham and merc, gets involved in stuff like this around the world. Then you really get the feeling of it having a positive global influence.

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Re: Well Done Mercedes and LH

Post by Siao7 »

Yes, when I first read it is sounded like a cheap PR stunt; the more I found out about it, the more it made sense. Well done to them, this is how you promote F1. Well done Merc and Lewis. I only wished that he could be there to deliver it. The kid would have totally lost it. Not that he is complaining now I guess.

In general I really find it poor taste, the cheap stunts when an agent passes a famous footballer a t-shirt with his signature, throws it to a kid with an illness, pose for a million pics and then turn their back and leave. Feels so cheap and staged that they may as well not have done it in the first place.

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