PF1 Forum teammate wars vote: China

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Which driver won each intra-team battle in China?

Poll ended at Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:59 pm

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PF1 Forum teammate wars vote: China

Post by Jenson's Understeer »

The results from the Bahrain TMW vote are as follows:


TMW race winner: Hamilton (97%)
Hamilton 1 - 1 Bottas
Hamilton 40% - 60% Bottas

Back to normal? That's what Bahrain seemed to suggest, at least in terms of the relative performance of the two Mercedes drivers. While Lewis was undoubtedly lucky to take the race win, his dominant TMW victory was down to anything but luck. Let's not forget that the first five/six races of 2018 saw the two Mercedes drivers split the TMW vote, so perhaps 2019 could yet follow the same pattern?

TMW race winner: Leclerc (97%)
Vettel 1 - 1 Leclerc
Vettel 40% - 60% Leclerc

This will have come as no shock whatsoever to anyone who watched the race. Having taken his first pole position in F1, Charles Leclerc recovered from losing a few places at the start to overtake his teammate and pull away. He was all set for a comfortable win until fate intervened. Vettel seemed to have no answer for either his teammate or his fellow multi-time WDC, spinning again after being overtaken by Lewis.

Red Bull
TMW race winner: Verstappen (100%)
Verstappen 2 - 0 Gasly
Verstappen 100% - 0% Gasly

This could be a very, very long season for Pierre Gasly. Alternatively, if he doesn't get his act together then it might actually be a much shorter season than expected. Another race where Max was in a class of his own compared to his teammate, reflected bu the fact that not a single vote has yet been cast for Pierre Gasly.

TMW race winner: Hulkenberg (97%)
Ricciardo 0 - 2 Hulkenberg
Ricciardo 2% - 98% Hulkenberg

2-0 to the Hulk after two races, and 98% of the total Renault votes so far. But this doesn't tell the whole story of an opening pair of races which have been blighted by DNFs. Both Renault drivers failed to make it to the finish in Bahrain, ironically retiring within moments of each other, but that didn't prevent Nico from again claiming the vast majority of the PF1 forum's votes, no doubt helped by Daniel's awkward little slide into his teammate.

TMW race winner: Magnussen (90%)
Magnussen 2 - 0 Grosjean
Magnussen 92% - 8% Grosjean

If Romain Grosjean is retained by Haas for 2020, they might be smart to find an alternative driver for the first half a dozen races of the year, as a strong start to an F1 season seems to be something Romain Grosjean has completely forgotten how to deliver. Neither Haas shined on Sunday in Bahrain, despite a qualifying session that suggested otherwise. Again it was Kevin Magnussen who had the stronger weekend, giving him a 2-0 advantage early on in the TMW year.

TMW race winner: Norris (83%)
Sainz 0 - 2 Norris
Sainz 11% - 89% Norris

Another good weekend for Lando Norris, who recovered from being outqualified by his Spanish teammate to a strong 6th place finish. The opposite was true for Carlos Sainz who failed to finish for a second race in a row. It's a theme reflected in both the individual race vote (83% for Norris) and the total for the season so far (89% for Norris).

Racing Point
TMW race winner: Perez (93%)
Perez 1 - 1 Stroll
Perez 46% - 54% Stroll

It was Sergio Perez's turn to score points for Racing Point, having narrowly outqualified his teammate and eventually snuck into the top 10. Lance Stroll again failed to make it out of Q1, although this time it wasn't the fault of another driver. It leaves the Racing Point TMW score as the most balanced out of all ten teams, albeit only after two races, with both drivers having scored a TMW victory and the percentage split nearly 50/50.

TMW race winner: Raikkonen (100%)
Raikkonen 2 - 0 Giovinazzi
Raikkonen 97% - 3% Giovinazzi

Not unlike at Red Bull, 2019 has been a huge struggle for one of the two Alfa-Romeo drivers. All ten of Alfa-Romeo's points have come courtesy of Kimi Raikkonen, and both race weekends have seen something of a gulf in performance between the Finn and his Italian teammate. A 100% TMW vote means Kimi is up to 97% of the vote for the year, leaving just one question: did Giovinazzi do anything to even warrant the 3% he has got? (The answer is no, he has not).

Toro Rosso
TMW race winner: Albon (66%)
Albon 1 - 1 Kvyat
Albon 30% - 70% Kvyat

If Australia was a good return to F1 for Daniil Kvyat then Bahrain was a good statement race for Alexander Albon, who both out-qualified the Russian and then finished ahead of him. With Pierre Gasly's position at Red Bull already looking less than secure, a strong start to the season for either Toro Rosso driver could start to see their name linked to a quick move towards the front of the grid.

TMW race winner: Russell (97%)
Russell 2 - 0 Kubica
Russell 97% - 3% Kubica

Another race where Williams were in a class of their own, unfortunately for the Grove-based team it's at the back of the grid, not the front. George Russell again made the best of the situation the two find themselves in, out-qualifying and then out-racing his more experienced teammate. Shoutout to the one Robert Kubica fan who has voted for him after both races.
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Re: PF1 Forum teammate wars vote: China

Post by pokerman »

I didn't vote for the Ferrari pair because I believe that Ferrari decided the outcome.
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Re: PF1 Forum teammate wars vote: China

Post by JN23 »

pokerman wrote:I didn't vote for the Ferrari pair because I believe that Ferrari decided the outcome.

I decided to vote for Vettel on the basis he out qualified Leclerc. I agree that Ferrari's decision meant that Vettel was going to finish ahead of Leclerc but I think there was a decent chance of Vettel getting past Leclerc without the team order because he had the edge on pace over the weekend.

I think the options were quite straightforward this weekend and I wonder if this will be reflected in the outcomes. This is with the exception of Mclaren who I didn't vote for as they were both basically in their own races from lap one.

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Re: PF1 Forum teammate wars vote: China

Post by Exediron »

Mostly pretty easy votes, aside from Ferrari and maybe McLaren. I went with Hamilton, Verstappen (honestly, who voted for Gasly?), Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Perez, Albon and Russel.

For McLaren, I went with Sainz on the basis of a superior qualifying performance. I don't see either of them as responsible for the big brouhaha that took them and Kvyat out (I think it's a racing incident for all three), and the race after that was likely determined by damage.

For Ferrari, I think this should be a dead heat, so I voted for Leclerc because he was currently behind. Both Ferrari drivers looked almost completely equal this weekend.
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Re: PF1 Forum teammate wars vote: China

Post by TheGiantHogweed »

I think your view on Grosjean is rather harsh. From what we have seen, his only off moment was in qualifying in Bahrain and even that was a bit unfortunate. But the race before, he outqualified his team mate. And in the race, although magnussen got past, their pace looked pretty much identical, then Grosjean had a bad pit stop, then retired. Then at the start of Bahrain, Grosjean got damaged by Stroll. We don't know if his pace would have matched Magnussen. I don't see how we can claim he has forgotten how to deliver when he's hardly had the chance and retired in both races. Especially when writing this when we have just seen a race that Grosjean has quite comfortably beaten him. Even judging the first 2 races, I would say there has not been enough evidence to make it seem like Magnussen has been a lot better, or that Grosjean has been poor. Grosjean has actually looked good at both of the first races of the last 2 years, so i wouldn't call it a totally bad start to either season. Outqualifying magnussen both times. He may have got overtaken, but magnussen just got a better start and the pace was matched by Grosjean both years until he retired.

I think your views on all other teams are pretty fair though. I just think it should be noted that Grosjean has also been incredibly unlucky.

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