Boring races? People have short memories...

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Re: Boring races? People have short memories...

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Rockie wrote:
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ALESI wrote:
The problem is most of the teams employ a star driver and a good driver, the good driver ultimately knows that he may be able to fight, but the teams are very good about keeping these guys on year to year contracts to keep them in check... thus the star driver is always able to take more risks knowing he has a three year contract in his pocket and other options if push comes to shove.

Even when a driver gets to the back end of his career you'd think more of them would start to rebel, but for whatever reason they don't seem to. Maybe it's that perennial hope that they can get one more season in F1.
Correction: Ferrari don't like two fire/top tier talent drivers.

Merc: Lewis may have beaten Nico 2-1 but Nico still put up one tight fight.
RBR: Both drivers are very close.
Mclaren: Alonso and Lewis. If it wasn't for the tantrum of Alonso he probably would have stayed.
Ferrari: Do not like two tight talents.

In F1 teams are always going to have a driver that beats the other or has a bit of luck etc. I can see Merc not keeping Bottas if he doesn't improve because they would prefer to have two top tier drivers - likewise for RBR.

People just keep painting every team with the same Ferrari brush. If RBR or Merc had Kimi.. they would have removed him last season. Out of those top 6 drivers in 3 teams, he seems to be the worst one of the bunch and next in line would be Bottas.
Bottas is having a very good season, without the bad luck he would be very much in the title hunt. He is capable of taking points off Vettel and makes Hamilton work for it most weekends.
Is Bottas having a good season or Hamilton having a bad one.

As the only weekends Hamilton has been ahead are weekends where Mercedes have a clear advantage.
Yes Bottas is having a good season. If Hamilton can only be ahead when Mercedes have a clear advantage with tyres then surely that shows Bottas is having a good season and can get round a car which has tyre warm up issues.
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