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F1 TV Pro

Post by Infidelity »

Is F1 TV Pro active yet?

I haven't found any new comment / announcements / news, etc on this service in over two weeks.
This seems unusual since it was initially announced with an Australian GP release date - which is only a few days away.

Any new updates on this service?

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Re: F1 TV Pro

Post by Exediron »

Not as far as I've been able to figure out, no. I haven't received any information from the 'register your interest' link.

Which is annoying, since it seems to be my only hope of watching FP2 live this year...
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Re: F1 TV Pro

Post by ShaneM »

Anybody already suybscribing and using the service, hoping to get some feedback before I purchase it.

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Re: F1 TV Pro

Post by Remmirath »

It's been delayed, apparently to perfect and stress-test the service before launch, but no new date for release has been given yet. I suppose there probably are people beta-testing it, but they're not likely to say anything until it's been officially unveiled.

I'm hoping it will be sooner rather than later, since I find ESPN rather annoying to deal with, and the way they've been interjecting commercials obviously in the middle of things is especially bad.
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