Seriously Mr Martin Brundle??

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Re: Seriously Mr Martin Brundle??

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Rockie wrote:
ReservoirDog wrote:
Zoue wrote:
mcdo wrote:On Sunday Martin Brundle said it's believed Vettel has a clause in his contract that Alonso can't be signed as his teammate. I'd wager there's a Ricciardo clause in there too
I'm disappointed in Brundle that he'd peddle this rubbish. He'll know people will lap it up, but there's not a shred of proof behind it. He's just gossip mongering and I thought he was better than that.

I read that he tweeted about Kimi's penalty in Spa and referenced Vettel's for his brain fade, comparing the two penalties. It's looking increasingly like Brundle has some sort of hard on for Vettel and is looking to knock him any chance he has. Case of patriotism clouding his judgement, perhaps?
Here's the thing - sometimes you know something is true, but can't prove.

For example, I have seen parts of Hamilton's 2007 contract. I can't get into details because it was due to someone else's incompetence and might get him in trouble. I have a choice to either tell what was in there, and be called a BSer, or never share anything. I never share anything since people would call me a liar. But if I were a journo I would've.

FWIW, there was no "don't compete with FA" clause I could find in the pages I saw. I wasn't lucky enough to see FA's contract. Would've easily paid $10,000 for that.

The fact that it was so easy for complete nobody like me to see the contract at a company as paranoid as McLaren under Ron Dennis of all people, I wouldn't be surprised if Brundle has actually seen a copy of the real contract.
This is just BS.

Once a contract is terminated it stops being confidential and if you have access to it and disclose it, no one can sue you.
That's wrong but regardless even if you're not going to get sued it would not be moral to betray a confidence.

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