Renault bid for Allison

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Renault bid for Allison

Post by Zoue » ... ef-allison

Not good news for Ferrari if this comes to fruition

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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by James14 »

No doubt that Renault need to sign some quality personnel.
I can't see him leaving Ferrari but they must be a very difficult team to work for. Serious pressure and politics.

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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by red_baron »

Allison out, Newey in?
At Ferrari, there is always good cooperation.
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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by Sutton »

Ferrari have been after Newey for years. He is just not interested.

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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by optimisteprime »

This has nothing to do with Ferrari politics or going after Newey or whatever and everything to do with Allison's personal circumstances driving him towards moving back to the UK, which is unfortunate news for Ferrari but in the grand scheme of things the most important thing is that he does what's best for his children.

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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by A.J. »

red_baron wrote:Allison out, Newey in?
Impossible to get Newey away from RBR imo - he's got everything he wants there.

Design boats, come as you please, less pressure than at Ferrari for sure. I suppose the one thing Ferrari could have offered was a chance to design a Ferrari "Newey", but now even that would hold less appeal given that now he can design an Aston Martin with F1-esque speeds.

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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by dizlexik »

Ouch I didnt Alison lost his wife :(

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Re: Renault bid for Allison

Post by ob1kenobi.23 »

Maurizio has qhoshed these rumours saying they are untrue. ... mpaign=rss
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