Odious Little man gets his way with Pay TV

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Odious Little man gets his way with Pay TV

Post by BillyBoy200uk »

Cant believe the news today that the ONLY live F1 races screened on UK TV from 2019 will be SKY TV. The odious little runt has been pushing this for years, and now we have it

When i had SKY tv, i paid the extra £10/month for HD channels as the F1 channel was included. Although i have moved to Virgin, i see that F1 is now part of Sky Sports (which will be going up to £27.50/month from June), so i couldnt justify the expense as that is the only sport i watch.
Not only has he F##K#D up the qualifying, he has alienated thousands of British fans all within a space of a few weeks.

Will the sponsors still be prepared to hang around paying huge sums of money each year for a disappearing sport in terms of declining viewing figures??

Shame too on BBC for the pathetic way they have left F1 in order to save money

Rant Over
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