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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:42 pm 
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mikeyg123 wrote:
Exediron wrote:
Covalent wrote:
Seanie wrote:
Covalent wrote:
Is it just me or is the race commentary recorded afterwards just for this series?

I think it lifts from various different broadcasters. All the sky/C4 commentators featured, i assumed the others were from America, possibly?

The commentary often just seems to fit in a bit too well into the narrative of the series...

I'm not sure, but I think at least some of the extra commentary is done by the Formula 2 lead commentator. If so, it's definitely post commentary.

Almost all the commentary has been done in post.

You're probably right. I recognize some of it (Nico Rosberg's 'they've just shafted Danny Ric by pitting Max' from Abu Dhabi in particular), but a lot of it is far too specific to the storyline being discussed in the documentary. I think the bits by Crofty and Brundle are sometimes from the actual broadcasts, though.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:50 pm 
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I thought it was good; interesting and overall fair, given that it tended to tell the story from the viewpoint of the driver currently being highlighted - but since it spent some time highlighting every driver from Red Bull on down, that did wind up representing both sides of the various rivalries. The sound balance, at least when viewing on the TV, was a bit off, but for all I know that's a general Netflix thing (I've never watched anything else on Netflix).

I recognised some bits of commentary that were definitely taken from the actual footage, but I expect most of it was new. Some of the onboard footage from cars further down the order used was, I think, also not broadcast during the season, so they would have had to record new commentary for that.

The order in which they showed some things, such as drivers changing teams, might have been confusing for people who didn't watch the season - assuming there were people who watched it and didn't watch the season. I think that, knowing when things actually occurred, it was pretty obvious that things were occasionally shown out of order to up the tension, but if one wasn't overly familiar with the race order it could look different.

Hopefully if they do another one Ferrari and Mercedes will also be part of it, but - even as a Ferrari fan - I don't think their absence hurt the documentary too much. A focus on teams lower down the grid, even if it was by necessity, was an interesting change from the usual.

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